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“I’ve been taking Pilates Reformer classes for 7 years now … the Megaformer is a whole other beast! It will push you to your limit and then some — your muscles will be screaming! But when the class has ended, and every one of your muscles–including those hard to reach ones–are fully fatigued, and you’re wiping down with that super refreshing eucalyptus towel you know it’s all been worth it… and you feel AWESOME!” Cherie B, Campbell


According to the New York Times, “It’s the basis of a core-burning workout that blends Pilates, cardio and strength training. A carriage that can be pushed and pulled, lunged on and squatted down to, the machine challenges those atop it in ways that traditional Pilates may not.”

Difference between Pilates and the Megaformer

While the the Megaformer and the Reformer may seem similar, the machines and workout methods are very different. The Megaformer is the next iteration of the Lagree Proformer. The Lagree Method includes some Pilates elements such as control and core; however, it also incorporates strength, cardio, endurance and intensity which are not part of the Pilates Method. These missing elements are fundamental for effective physical changes.

· First impression of the Megaformer is that it is stately, sturdy and masculine. It doesn’t look like a Reformer. The Megaformer is a serious workout machine that runs wider and has a smoother running carriage, adjustable handlebars, adjustable resistance springs (2lbs. – 140 lbs.), eyelets on the carriage for various hand and foot movements and shorter handles at the back. Sebastien Lagree, the inventor likes to compare it to a Lamborghini.

· Pilates was invented by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s. The Megaformer was invented by Sebastien Lagree in 2009 and is continually tweaked for greater effectiveness. Lagree has recently completed his 5th iteration of the Megaformer.

· Lagree saw the need for constant spring-based tension and muscle overload and created the Megaformer M3S with 8 springs allowing for increased resistance and more angles of movement. The Reformer has 5-6 springs.

· With its over 150 moves, the Megaformer gives many more options than the Reformer for adjusting and targeting different muscle groups for a full-body strengthening workout.

· You sweat more on a Megaformer as the resistance and use of slow controlled movements compels the user to use muscles at a slower pace which in turn cranks up the heat. You sweat as a result of the workout’s intensity which drives up the heart rate to blast fat and sculpt.

· The Megaformer challenges your endurance as you roll on the light carriage with slow, controlled movements. There is no downtime. Transitions are fast on a Megaformer to maximize the workout and burn those calories.

· Your muscles get pushed to stimulation which leads to shaking.

· The Megaformer M3S and Lagree Ramp’s moves are designed to push your muscles to stimulation; which means they will burn as blood rushes in to replenish depleted slow twitch fibers. As the class progresses, other muscle fibers are recruited and temporarily weakened. After, this overloading allows your body to rebuild stronger fibers, leading to long and lean muscle.

· The Megaformer classes have awesome playlists. Traditional Pilates classes don’t have music or keep it low.

· Grippy sox are required on the Megaformer to assist in balance and coordination on the Reformer it is optional.

· Lagree is constantly evolving his methods and inventions for further optimization.

You don’t need Pilates experience to perform on the Megaformer. Just come in and try these killer moves for yourself! You’ll be amazed by the results.