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“Such a tough workout and so much fun! You can really feel every muscle, and you get the shakes because you push your body to the limit. Awesome variety of class times! I am looking forward to going back!” -Yuriko S, Cupertino


Awesome, you’re thinking about coming in for a workout! Our small, focused classes, will give you personalized attention and ensure that you get the best workout.
The workouts offer you efficient and effective ways to burn fat, strengthen your core and muscles, while making you toned. The workout is definitely challenging, and if you haven’t worked out in over six months, we recommend you jump start your routine with our slower paced Megaformer Intro Class.
If you prefer a 1:1 session with a personal trainer, we offer this as well.



I am super busy. Can I find time for a class?

CORevolution has a selection of varied class times for even for our busiest students.
Megaformer classes run 45 minutes. The Lagree Ramp classes, which use a hydraulic lift to intensify your CORe and upper body, rolls you out the door in 45 minutes. Advanced athletes should consider the Triple Threat boot camp style class, which runs an hour and fifteen minutes. What a workout! To familiarize yourself with the Megaformer, take an Intro Class.

We offer classes running from 6am – 8:30 pm throughout the week, on weekend mornings and late afternoons. Please check our schedule for a class that is right for you. The schedule changes adjust to our students’ needs. So check the schedule and sign up early!



What if I have injuries, am pregnant, or just have not worked out in a long time?

“The workout, of course, is awesome. I have never had a stronger core. I have bad knees, so this keeps me from running.  This workout keeps me in shape and I want to come as much as I possibly can.”– W. Mother of three, CEO of accounting firm, Megaformer user for four years

Our workouts are addicting, we know that, but for your safety and health please consult your doctor and get clearance before joining any of our classes if necessary. Once you get the okay for exercise, our  Megaformer™ M3S  class, a low impact, slow and controlled workout, is perfect for your joints.   The TRX®, HIIT and Weight class will work for you. Please let your instructor know if you have questions, and he or she will guide you to the correct work out and advise for any modifications.


How old do I need to be to sign up?

All students must be at least 18 years old.  This is an insurance requirement, and we have no flexibility here.  We would love to have you back after your 18th birthday.


I am excited to get started. How do I sign up?

Let’s get going! Book your classes online here. We have limited spaces and they book fast.  Secure your spot before you come in, as often the classes are waitlisted.

We know that taking your first class is a big step and the first step to your change.


Should I come early for my first class?

All new students should arrive 15 minutes early to sign our waiver forms, meet with an instructor for a brief overview of your health (advice on injuries) and fitness goals and attend a review of the machine and class. We’ll know it’s your first time in class and help you get acclimated. During the class, you and the other students will be led on all the exercises and given suggestions for any modifications.


Do I need Grippy Sox? Where do I get them?

Grippy sox are needed for all Megaformer classes to assist with stability and non-slippage. We have some pairs to borrow and sell. We recommend that you borrow for the first class, and then buy your own.


How often should I take classes?

Listen to your body. The workout is designed to work your body to muscle fatigue.  We’d love to see you in the studio daily, but muscles can’t change without a break in between workouts, which means that you need to give yourself at least a few days off per week to recharge and repair.

We recommend three to four times per week, but it’s up to you, your body and your goals. When you do establish a stable workout plan to create and maintain fabulous results,  check out our packages here!


How can I prepare for my workout?
  • Be sure to eat a healthy snack an hour prior to give you the energy to sustain your workout
  • We provide a filtered water station so you can hydrate
  • Wear comfortable stretchy, form-fitting, yoga style clothing or shorts and a t-shirt. Nothing too hot or loose fitting that could get stuck in the equipment
  • Grippy sox (mandatory for all Megaformer and Lagree Ramp classes)
  • Sturdy workout shoes (for all TRX, Running and Boot Camp based classes)
  • For a comfortable experience, bring your water bottle, hair tie and a towel
  • We recommend you leave jewelry at home
  • Most importantly, bring a positive attitude and an open mind towards maximizing your personal goals


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