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By signing up for classes, you agree to these policies. You will receive a reminder of these policies with each confirmation upon booking a class.

Please subscribe to receive emails and/or texts from our studio, which will inform you if you’ve been waitlisted for a full class. Failure to subscribe will require that you log in to your account and view your position on the waitlist.

  • Cancellation is required 12 hours prior to class to avoid a Late Cancel Fee. Monthly unlimited students will be charged $15 per Late Cancel, and students with class packs will forfeit the class entirely.
  • No-Show results when a student fails to show up within 5 minutes after the start of class. For unlimited students, a No-Show will result in a charge of $25, and for students with class packs, a No-Show will result in the forfeiture of a class.
  • Private Sessions require 24-hour cancellation notice via Late Cancels or No-Shows result in a forfeiture of a class.
  • To cancel a class you’ve already registered for, go to our website and through MindBody,select ‘my account’, select ‘my schedule’ and click ‘cancel’.
  • If you’ve added yourself to a waitlist, Mindbody Scheduling will automatically add you to class outside 12 hours of the class start time. Please check your email often to see if you’ve been bumped into the class. If you are bumped into class within 12 hours prior to the start of class, we will do our best to contact you – we recommend you have a current number in your profile for such cases. If you realize you can no longer attend class, please remove yourself from the waitlist so that others may attend. Failure to remove yourself will result in a No-Showcharge to your account.

We do not refund for any class Late Fees without 12 hours prior cancellation or 24 hours for private classes. Please cancel in time to avoid these penalties. Your trainers expect you in the class, fellow students would love your spot and we don’t want you to miss a great workout!


  • You tried to sign up for a class but it’s full. Get yourself on the waitlist – a lot can happen in a day and you might get in!
  • If a class has no spots open it will ask if you want to add your name to the wait list.
  • If a slot opens up, you will be added to the class and receive a confirmation email.
  • It is assumed that by placing yourself on the wait list, you will take the class if you get in.
  • If you no longer want to wait list a spot, please remove yourself from the wait list so someone else might be able to get in.

Thank you for understanding, respecting and cooperating with our policies.